2014 Planning

By Nick Ragain


What does a head coach do when there is a year before the first game?


by Head Coach Steve Trittschuh

A lot of soccer people have been asking what are you doing as a head coach of the Switchbacks FC when there is a year before the first game in USL PRO and you do not even have a team?

First, there is a lot to do behind the scenes to make sure we will be competitive and have an entertaining team on the field in 2015. I know a lot of soccer people around the United States that I have relationships with, whether they are coaching in college, NASL, USL or the MLS to keep the Switchbacks in mind if they see quality players that can help. The soccer community is a very tight group so I am hoping through all of my contacts we can find some good players.

Secondly, starting this month all the local Universities will be playing their spring schedule of games. My plan is to see as many games this spring to have an idea of players that will be eligible to play in the USL PRO next year. I do know being involved with Regis University last season that there are quality players in this area that can play at this level. Remember the 6th pick of the MLS draft Tesho Akindele came out of Colorado School of Mines.

This summer is going to be a busy time for the Club. Being visible out in the community and getting people aware and excited for the Switchbacks will be a top priority. This summer is huge for soccer in the United States with the World Cup beginning in June. Keep tuned into the website switchbacksfc.com for a schedule of activities to come out to support the new USL PRO team in Colorado Springs.

I hope to see all of you soon!

Steve Trittschuh

Head Coach

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

  1. Robert bernard says:

    Does this include ex military also?

    • Nick Ragain says:

      Good Question Robert. So to date, our thinking has been that we have ticket discounts for active and retired military. This particular sponsorship is directed towards active duty and their families. If the direction you’re going is to suggest for retired military, we will take that into consideration. The first issue that we may run into is how to identify and distribute these sponsorships to non-active military if we were to go that direction. Stay tuned. Thanks

  2. Ikechi solomon says:

    I wish to have an opportunity to be tried as a football player pls

  3. Jay says:

    Great effort. Hoffman is good but the backs seem to have better chemistry and teamwork when King is on the field.

    • Nick Ragain says:

      Hey Jay, comments on our site are working properly now and responding to your message from August 17. You’ll notice that this year, Hoffman plays for Louisville FC and King is back. Perhaps you were on to something. Stay tuned for 2016!

  4. Melody says:

    much fun watching such a cohesive team last night ! Thanks for a great game!!

    • Nick Ragain says:

      Hey Melody, took us a while to get our comments to work properly but they are working now. Appreciate you coming to the match last year! Hope to see you back for 2016!

  5. Paul says:

    Maybe it’s time Maybin gets a chance to start next time out?

    • Nick Ragain says:

      Marty is back! Paul – comments are working properly on the website now. Thanks and feel free to respond in the future. Thanks!

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